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Consortium for AI, Security, Privacy and Robotics Research

About Us

CASPRR is a cutting-edge research hub specializing in AI, Security, Privacy, and Robotics. Addressing the intricate challenges posed by AI’s pervasive impact, we bring expertise in navigating security, privacy, and ethical dimensions across diverse sectors.

Who are we?

CASPRR, the Consortium for AI, Security, Privacy, and Robotics Research, stands as an innovative research hub with expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Security, Privacy, and Research. In a global landscape where AI’s impact permeates diverse sectors and our everyday existence, CASPRR recognizes the nuanced challenges it introduces, spanning security, privacy, and ethical dimensions.

Dedicated to navigating the complex overlaps within these essential domains, CASPRR is devoted, through collaborative efforts, to shaping a future marked by secure and ethically-driven development and application of AI.

Our Mission

Leading the forefront of groundbreaking research and sharing insights in the dynamic realms of AI, Security, Privacy, and Robotics.

Fostering a culture of innovation, encouraging collaborative efforts, and cultivating excellence in these pivotal domains.

Committing to the conscientious and ethical advancement and utilization of AI and robotics, ensuring a responsible and forward-looking approach.

Why Us?

CASPRR stands out as a beacon in the realm of AI, Security, Privacy, and Robotics research.
Here’s why you should align with us


Cutting Edge Expertise

CASPRR collaborates with various top-notch experts, driving pioneering research at the forefront of AI, Security, Privacy, and Robotics. Join us to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving landscape of technology.


Innovation Hub

We foster a culture of innovation, providing a dynamic environment that encourages collaborative efforts. CASPRR is where ideas flourish, and breakthroughs happen.


Excellence Cultivation

Dedication to excellence is at our core. By being a part of CASPRR, you engage with a community committed to pushing the boundaries of knowledge and achieving excellence in vital domains.


Ethical Advancement

CASPRR is not just about progress; it’s about responsible progress. Our commitment to conscientious and ethical development ensures that your work contributes to a future where AI and robotics are applied with a forward-looking and responsible approach.


Global Impact

In a world where AI impacts every facet of our lives, CASPRR’s global perspective and collaborative ethos mean your contributions have the potential to shape a secure and ethical future for societies worldwide.


Interdisciplinary Research

CASPRR thrives on synergistic endeavors, fostering collaborative brilliance across AI, Security, Privacy, and Robotics. Together, we advance innovation, responsibly.

Our Initiatives

Discover the evolution of India’s seminal data privacy law at This platform elucidates each provision, offering essential updates and nuanced information, fostering a deep understanding of this landmark legislation.

Bharat Privacy

The Bharat Privacy Conference will bring together industry leaders and seasoned experts, offering a unique platform for networking. Join us for extensive deliberations on crucial privacy matters, fostering collaborative deliberations in this dynamic field.

Privacy Awards

The Privacy Awards, a distinctive initiative, honors professionals excelling in data privacy. Recognizing behind-the-scenes heroes safeguarding our data, it casts a spotlight on their significant contributions to a secure digital landscape

Governance Boards

AI Governance Board

Responsible AI research and ethical AI deployment.

Privacy Governance Board

Protecting data, promoting privacy-preserving tech.

Information Security Governance Board

Enhancing digital security, events for experts.

Robotics Governance Board

Robotics Governance Board

Tech Law Governance Board

Tech Law Governance Board